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"...NeoBarock's musical performances are stylistically brilliant, dynamic, passionate and on the cutting edge of where Bach in the 21st century is heading..."

Huffington Post (USA) March 26, 2014

About the CD " Bach - Art of Fugue "...As with every previous NeoBarock recording I have reviewed, the playing is beautiful. The balance between the instruments is always perfect, in an acoustic that allows their individual voices to be heard clearly without one becoming dominant over the other(s)..."

Early Music Review (UK) Issue 159/2014

Magic moments with NeoBarock "...baroque music to fall in love with. NeoBarock played a sensuous musical firework without any bar of boredom..."

Schaffhausen Nachrichten (Switzerland) October 28, 2013

NeoBarock live in concert

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Echo Prize
for Chamber Music Recording of the Year 2014
(17th/18th century)

In the short time since the group was formed NeoBarock has earned a reputation as an excellent interpreter of exceptional programs with its fascinating renditions that combine passion, perfection and virtuosity. It now ranks as one of the leading formations of its kind. Its intriguing ensemble playing, its breathtaking enthusiasm and homogenous sound make its performances unique and incomparable.

NeoBarock’s name is a synonym for the ensemble’s artistic ambition to mediate between the music of the past and today’s listening modes. NeoBarock presents early music as a new experience of a score that may have been just written. Its careful study of the sources and use of historic instruments is not an end in itself, but rather a means to creating a historically authentic as well as an immediate and emotionally moving musical experience.

With its select and stringently composed concert programs NeoBarock is a feted guest in European concert halls and at numerous renowned festivals. Radio productions and concert recordings are frequently broadcast on national and international radio. In well-received CD recordings for the label ambitus, NeoBarock has repeatedly devoted itself to Johann Sebastian Bach and his sphere and has “demonstrated itself to be a stylistically competent champion of this repertoire” (Fono Forum). The latest CD of NeoBarock was honoured with the prestigious “ECHO Klassik Prize” in the category “chamber music recording of the year 2014”

Press Reviews

"I came upon this group by chance, while browsing the program of concerts to be given as part of the 2013 Fasch-Festtage. I was delighted to see that they plan a recital of trio sonatas by Fasch and his "dearest friend", Stölzel. So, imagine my delight, when I discover from their website that there was actually a whole CD of Stölzel chamber music available from NeoBarock already. …
They discs are all beautifully played - the violins balance beautifully, yet with their distinctive timbres they are clearly distinguishable, the cellist varying attack and touch to each note, giving the bass line true shape, and the continuo player fulfilling the accompaniment role without ever clouding the violins. NeoBarock also enjoy themselves - they are quite happy to accelerate or decelerate for musical effect, but always stylish.
NeoBarock play with warmth, a familiarity with the music that allows them to take liberties without ever overstepping the fine line of good taste, and with a deft accuracy of touch that many better-known ensembles should envy.
If I was excited by the prospect of hearing them live in concert just by seeing their planned program, having heard their marvelous CDs I really cannot wait! For anyone in the area, the concert begins at 7pm at Schloß Wendgräben."
Brian Clark, Early Music Review (UK), April 2013

"NeoBarock plays with expressive passion, with vitality, with lifeblood, with sensuousness and a playing style that makes you eager for more. …artistic mastery that is undoubtedly part of a divine order."
Südkurier (Germany), 20.11.2012

Finest precision work "On Friday the "fantastic four“- acclaimed as whizkids regarding "modern" early music - gave a concert on the monastery Dalheim."
Neue Westfälische Zeitung (Germany), 27.08.2012

If you've had it with serious Bach, Handel and Mozart, the Cologne-based early music cooperative called NeoBarock offer a tempting line-up of remedies including Bach not by Bach and divertissements by Handel and Mozart. The Six Trio Sonatas by one-time Bach student Johann Philipp Kirnberger (1721-1783) is the real discovery. More than an hour of unalloyed instrumental joy in the twilight post-Bach tradition that was soon to be eclipsed by the early classical stylists. NeoBarock's newest release is devoted to another, although less forgotten composer, Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel, whose music is darker, richer, slightly more somber.
Laurence Vittes, Huffington Post (USA), 04.07.2012

"Already with chamber music by Kirnberger NeoBarock staged a surprise coup. The same goes for the new CD with chamber music by Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel. … NeoBarock plays so affectedly that it really gets under your skin."
Music ***** (outstanding)
Sound **** (very good)
Fono Forum (Germany), March 2012

NeoBarock in the „Alte Oper“ in Frankfurt/Main (Germany)
"The artists of NeoBarock are specialised in baroque rarities. Their interpretations are musicological well-founded and the program conceptions unconventional."
Franfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), 25.01.2011

"NeoBarock at the international Beethoven Fest Bonn NeoBarock played powerfully, cheekily, dived in ecstatic sonority and bewitched by their ethereal sound."
Bonner General-Anzeiger (Germany), 23.09.2010

"NeoBarock wins you over with the first note they play.
Music **** (very good)
Sound **** (very good)"
Fono Forum (Germany), November 2009

"NeoBarock is regarded as a star in the early Music scene, a highly qualified Ensemble of the first order."
Frankfurter Neue Presse (Germany), 11.12.2008

"...Unforgettable listening experience."
Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), 18.09.2007

About the CD "Johann Sebastian Bach - Chamber music from his own and other's pen"
"NeoBarock’s new CD gives us insight into Bach’s composition workshop. In doing so, it is backed up by the theories of prominent musicologists."
WDR 3 (a West German radio station), 12.07.2007

Respect for the heritage
"They use facsimiles and cooperate with established musicologists – in their play the four musicians leave such theories behind. With this symbiosis between an interpretation based on scholarship and brilliant and lively playing, NeoBarock has established itself as a group of the first magnitude in the concert world."
Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), 24.04.2007

About the CD "W. A. Mozart - An encounter with Handel and Bach"
"...vivid and sensuous. ...An outstanding, dramatically impressive album concept, full of associations, coherent in its presentation. NeoBarock succeeds in presenting an intelligent homage to Mozart ."
BR 4 Klassik (a Bavarian radio station), 11.04.2006

"… organic, lively, and fresh as the morning dew."
WDR 3 (a West German radio station), 28.01.2006

"The relaxed precision which characterized the harmonious ensemble playing was exceedingly impressive."
Bonner General-Anzeiger (Germany), 17.12.2005

"...knowledgeable in style and fantastic."
St. Galler Tagblatt (Switzerland), 13.12.2005

"NeoBarock played at a concert of the summer series organized by “Audi” and “Bayerischer Rundfunk”. They interpret as distinctive individualist in the solo pieces. Together they form a strong group that should not be forgotten."
Donaukurier (Germany), 11.07.2005

The internationally renowned ensemble NeoBarock performed at “Reihe0” in Bizau (Austria).
"The musicians impressed their audience with pieces by Stölzel, Graupner and Goldberg in which they displayed their impulsive expressiveness to the fore. The trio sonatas were played expressively and details were enthusiastically emphasized. C. P. E. Bach’s Trio “Gespräch zwischen einem Sanguineo und einem Melancholico” illustrated the full potential of NeoBarock emphatically."
Vorarlberger Nachrichten (Austria), 09.07.2005

"First-class: NeoBarock filled with enthusiasm about its high concentrated performance."
Kölnische Rundschau (Germany), 29.03.2005

"The young middle European group NeoBarock played with freshness, with transparency, in a style ‘vivo, ma non precipitato’ [‘vivid but not precipitated’] as it was indicated in one of the movements of the Concertino a quatro which was played between the vocal parts."
El País (Spain), 24.02.2005

"Baroque Music, freed from the dust of the antiquated and extremely exciting."
Salzburger Volkszeitung (Austria), 21.12.2005

"… they played with perfect technique. The Ensemble NeoBarock staged the series of variations easily with a certain feeling for the effect: Frenetic applause was sure."
Münstersche Zeitung (Germany), 24.11.2004

"… full of verve and dynamics played NeoBarock in solo parts of Goldberg and Vivaldi."
Concerto - The Early music magazine (Germany), July/August 2004

"Like a storm ran the fingers above the strings and keys. But already the final-movement of the Handel marked the sensitivity and nobility in the playing of “NeoBarock”.
… Because each moment, each bar was lively breathing, one was griped of the musical event.
… “NeoBarock“ cultivates a clear, transparent and sonorous sound without any sharpness but highest brilliancy…springy, lively, light, in the ensemble playing precise like a clockwork but never as a metronome."
Westfälische Nachrichten (Germany), 15.10.2003

"NeoBarock offered a Vivaldi with a masterly aplomb. You became intoxicated with the drug abundance as in the Sonata “La Follia“."
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany), 25.09.2003

"…NeoBarock is one of the most innovative groups. And the most charming one.
… Variation, Figuration, Diminution were mastered in a glorious, sparkling duel by the two violinists."
Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine (Germany), 14.10.2003