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Trio Lennon

Violin, viola and cello

Luca Marziali – violin
Roberto Molinelli – viola
Alessandro Culiani – cello

“...The renditions were creative, energetic and evocative, adding great dimension to the classic Beatles tunes.”

 Voce Italiana, Washington D.C.

“A brilliant and impetuous ensemble that succeeds in uniting lyricism, passion and virtuosity...”

Giuseppe Sabbatini (Tenor)

“... The Trio’s interpretation of the Beatles’ melodies were transported into another dimension, naturally crossing through Mozart, Beethoven, Bach.. and jazz...”

Corriere Adriatico

“... The Trio enchants us with its harmoniously phrasing...”

La Stampa

“...The Trio Lennon made us known the Beatles’ music in a different way, though we enjoyed it a million of times before...”

Il Messaggero

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Founded in 1995, the Trio Lennon is composed of renowned Italian soloists and performs a repertoire that ranges from classical and romantic with influences from the Vienna School to contemporary and American music including works composed for the Trio itself.

The trio members were recipients of high honors and awards and were winners of top prizes at international music competitions. They received favorable reviews from major newspapers and their music was featured on RAI Television and radio. They collaborate with internationally renowned soloists such as saxophonist Federico Mondelci, the tenor Giuseppe Sabbatini, guitarist Claudio Marcotulli, the mezzo-soprano Anna Maria Chiuri, and has also worked with musicians from different backgrounds including Avion Travel, La Cruz, and with Paolo Conte for the production of his album "Elegy".

As soloists or as ensemble the Trio members have appeared throughout Italy and Europe, Canada, Japan, Agentina, South Africa, Thailand, Oman, Egypt, Israel, Turkey and the United States where in 2014 Trio Lennon toured along the East Coast including performances in New York, Washington, Buffalo and the Niagara Falls.

Roberto Molinelli, the violist, has been also very successful as composer. Many of his premieres were performed by some of the most important international symphonic orchestras at leading venues such as Carnegie Hall, New York, La Scala, Italy amongst other important venues. Wheras cellist Alessandro Culiani has received critical acclaim as music arranger and many of his arrangements have been performed in Italy, Japan, Argentina and South Africa and Russia, where the Moscow Chamber Orchestra featured his arrangements in Moscow’s famed Tchaikovsky Hall.

Luca Marziali on violin, Roberto Molinelli on the viola  and Alessandro Culiani, on the cello are the artists giving life and soul to this wonderful project. Roberto Molinelli has rearranged the immortal melodies of the Liverpool quartet, readapting them into a wider-ranging, symphonic structure, while still preserving the lyrical and expressive features that have made the original a lasting success, as epitomized by the classic "Hey Jude", in which the musicians use their traditional instruments in new ways,  typical of percussion instruments.